jQuery - mouseover text to show image.

Hi guys, hope someone can tell me how this works as I'm not getting anywhere with this..

Well, in short, this is what I want:


When visitor moves mouse over text, image will be shown.

I've already tried "Load jQuery.u.i" but that didn't really do much, it would work in EDIT mode, and even that's sometimes, not always, then when logged out, nothing there.

I would highly appreciate if any of you good people can help me out here.

Thanks in advance!

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mozalan replied on at Permalink Reply
no one... ?
adamjohnson replied on at Permalink Reply
Provide a link to your site so we can inspect the code and help ya' out.
mozalan replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Thanks for the reply RIOTAJ, I've gone to IRC chat line, #concrete5 channel and spoken to @|ucas - who was very helpful and sorted this problem out. It wasn't a problem with script, there was a path issue to my "*.js" plug-in. intead of "concrete/js/myjsfile.js" - I'm now using full address: "http://www.yousite.com/concrete/js/myjsfile.js" - and it loads up just fine, no problems there.

I've tried other jQuery plug-ins and they all working fine.

So the problem is solved..