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Is there a way to have a preview of the latest blog entry posted to your home page?

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KJLJon replied on at Permalink Reply
You can do this with the "Page List" block.

My typical settings are
display: 1 page
of type: blog_entry (I created a page type called blog_entry)

I check the display page aliases
I check the pagination
I click the pages located "everywhere" (sometimes I change this to below a specific page for other page types)

Then I have it sort it with the most recent first

But all you have to do is play around with this tool to get it to show the pages you want it to show.
bakstreet replied on at Permalink Reply
Did that and it worked just like you said. Thanks!
Now, say you want an image from within your blog post to also be included with link on the main page...can you make it do that?
KJLJon replied on at Permalink Reply
Well by default it grabs the information from the page's description. So, what I do is add the html for an image right into the page description.

Otherwise, if you installed concrete5 with the sample content it has a default blog entry page type and has a custom design for blog entry.

Ultimately, what it does is grabs the content from a block on the screen vs using the description, but this requires having what you want to be shown on the page list on the one block and everything else on the other block (which isn't too bad).

Basically, if you want it this way, you can click the page list and go to the design menu item and change the design to "Blog Entry" (if you have the default content installed).
bakstreet replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm using the default blog page and it's grabbing from the description. Can I just click the picture, go to Properties and get the address from there? If so, do I need to do anything special when I past it into the description? I tried it and it just showed up as code.
KJLJon replied on at Permalink Reply
So assuming your using the install with content added you can click on the page list block that you created and then click "Custom Template" and choose the "Blog Index".

This will then pull the information from the "Main" block. So you will want to include the description into the main (with the images and all) and then add the rest of your content to the "Blog Post More" block.

That is probably the simplest way I can think of. I am not too sure about the URL of the image from right clicking it and clicking properties (I don't know how often the images are re-cached or renamed or how the file is generated so it might work, but it also might change? Maybe someone with more expertise about the file system can put their 2 cents in on this topic?).

I believe you can have the image link to the download page and the index (IE: /index.php/download_file/view_inline/1/ ) but once again I am not sure about the performance of doing that is.