Layer problem - z-index not working

Hi guys

I finally managed to get my site looking the way I wanted.

I got one - hopefully final for now - problem I can't solve: The layers.

The problem is the logo. It's a PNG I made, and in order for it not to inherit the opacity settings from the parent (div #header-bkg), I removed div #header-content (where the logo was located originally) and set up a single div #logo.

Now it looks like I can't get the nav menu to appear on top of the new logo. The menu is composed of div #nav and furthermore div #navinner, and using z-index both are set to be in front of the logo.

I have no clue what's wrong there. You can clearly see that the logo is on top of the menu, and it seems to not be obeying the z-index I specify...hence the two menu buttons on the right are not clickable, nor do they respond to "hover"...

Funny thing is: it works like a charm in IE8, but all other browsers, including IE8 in compatibility mode, don't get it.

My style.css:

/* ----- Structure and Layout ----- */
body {
   position: relative;
       top: -205px;
        text-align : center;
        background: url(images/background01_mountain_1920_low.jpg);
   min-width : 770px ;
#logo {
/*   padding: 16px 0 0 218px;*/
        position: relative;
        top: 122px;
        left: 50px;   

Oh, and one more thing: How do I get rid of the extra space below the main window?

thanx a bunch


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RobertJNL replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi RizzzO,

i dont have the time at this moment to dig into your css. But I managed to set the correct z-index properties for maybe you can spot something usefull in there?

- Robert
red replied on at Permalink Reply
Im short on time also,but with a quick look,I can get it to work by removing the z-index on the logo,but that puts it below the header-bk and the content tag.

If you are going to use relative positioning it better practice to use it inside an absolute and sometimes fixed.

And your logo is outside your header and wrapper,which may not be a big deal,but its reacting to the body tag and nothing else.

If you could attach the image files i could rework this for you and send you the css.
mario replied on at Permalink Reply