Layout columns: Define custom pixel width possible?

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In the documentation, it says, "If you did not check the 'Lock Widths' checkbox then you can drag the sliders to change the width of the columns once you've created the layout. If you do pick lock widths, you can enter a pixel amount for the columns."

Ummm... how? I checked "Lock Widths" but then I can't find how to enter the pixel amount. Here is the article for reference:

Thanks for the help!

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Ekko replied on at Permalink Reply
I believe that the author was saying that once widths are locked the layout areas become defined. Move your layout "sliders" to where you want them than click lock widths and your pixel width for those areas is set/defined. If your trying to enter a very specific width use an inspector to check the width of your layout spacing and move it as required.
nhoward replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the info. Can you explain what "use an inspector to check the width of your layout spacing and move it as required" means? What inspector?
Ekko replied on at Permalink Reply
Inspectors are a tool for web work and many browsers come with inspectors built in. If you have a browser with an inspector right clicking on a page will bring up an options menu and a choice to "inspect element" or "inspect" Clicking this will bring up an interface where you can see the css and html that makes up your web page. Clicking on your layout with the inspector will show the width and height of the area you have given it.

You can also use these inspectors to try out css and html without altering core files. The css or html you write here will not affect the site and are only temporary for the duration you view the page. Very useful when making tweaks and making sure they are what you want before digging into files.

If you have firefox than getting the add-on firebug is suggested as it is much better than the included.
jasteele12 replied on at Permalink Reply
Probably Firebug for Firefox.

I'd recommend not using layouts if possible. They have some 'quirks' and are not very flexible anyway.

By creating page types or blocks you get the same control without all the problems.

For instance you can create a 3-column fixed width (locked) content block very quickly with jordanlev's Designer Content package (free) in the marketplace.
inkwellcd replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Probably a bit late he he, but i found a solution to the issue which is the following:

In your main.css file add this:
.ccm-layout-cell, .ccm-layout-col{
   padding:0.1em 0 0 0.4em;

Setting the max-width seems to do the trick guys hope it helps someone out.