LDAP Integration

Any body using c5 and LDAP for user accounts and permissions?

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jgarcia replied on at Permalink Reply
I am looking at using ldap simply to authenticate users to view the site, so ldap authentication could be useful. anyone have any thoughts on this? if it would be useful to a number of people, i would consider building something to make it work on multiple site...if not, i'd probably just rig something up for myself.
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
look at the way 5.3 deals with openID - should be pretty easy to extend that into ldap.
hockeyshooter replied on at Permalink Reply
Was hoping it would appear by magic in the login block - sadly not. And its not listed in the Blocks section of the Dashboard. So can anyone please tell me how to add OpenID user authentication to my 5.3 installation?
cclinger replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry to dig up an old post... our organization is currently looking at various WCMS solutions and we love C5... however we would need to somehow integrate it into our existing LDAP authentication system. Is this currently possible with C5 through the addition of a block? If it is possible I know this would be one of our top choices for a WCMS. Thank you for any information you can provide.
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
with 5.3 we added support for openID. It's not very well documented or part of the login block (shocking eh?) but it's there under the hood. If you want to take the time to have a developer poke around a bit, yes you should be able to make LDAP work using the same architecture we did for openID.
bjazmoore replied on at Permalink Reply
I hate to revive such an old discussion - beg everyone's forgiveness...

I would really find it useful to have LDAP integration in C5. I know this has had a little discussion, and I realize that OPENID structure exists and is a good starting place, but I do not have the time or expertise to dissect it and make the needed changes to get LDAP integration working.

Anyone up to the challenge?