Lightbox effect for ALL images?

I'm using concrete5 for my website, but most of the content is brought in via the C5 "WordPress for Concrete5" addon. I found the plugin "wp-jquery-lightbox" for my Wordpress articles that allows ALL image links to open in a lightbox when clicked, and it works great when I preview my blog outside of concrete5. However, the lightbox effect does not carry over when I view my site from the C5 page.

I've seen a lot of people here linking to various popup addons from the marketplace, but all seem to only work from a specific block of content (which I can't use because my content is being pulled from a "Wordpress Entries" block) - not site-wide. Is there anything I can apply to the template code that would make the lightbox effect apply automatically to all image links?

If anyone can tell me what code to add and what files to place it in, I'd be much appreciative.

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Mainio replied on at Permalink Reply
You just need to load the lightbox javascript in your theme's header. I can see from the plugin that it already adds the rel="lightbox" into all the image links, so that should be enough.

Antti / Mainio
ghadesignlab replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Mainio - I'm only seeing examples like:

Do you have a source for the all-inclusive code I need to add to the theme's header that automatically applies the effect to all image links on the website instead of an individual basis like those tutorial pages show?
Mainio replied on at Permalink Reply
a) Check out from your blog's code where the lightbox script lies and paste the same script location to your theme header
b) Include the lightbox script in your theme and load it from there
globalnerds replied on at Permalink Reply
Any idea how to do this without the wordpress addon? I want to add this using the plain yogurt theme. I am guessing it goes somewhere in the header.php but I am not sure what the code would be.

Thank you in advance.
bosko1982 replied on at Permalink Reply

i share my code, but i have PRETTYPHOTO. It automaticay popup if u click on image link, you dont need any <rel="xyx">...

/* Pretty Photo Lighbox */
jQuery("#container a[href$='.jpg'],#container a[href$='.jpeg'],#container a[href$='.JPG'],#container a[href$='.png'],#container a[href$='.gif']").prettyPhoto({ animationSpeed:'normal'})

Remove div ID "#container" and leave "a" to apply on whole page OR change div id "#container" for your div ID or CLASS.

Sorry for my bad english.