Limiting Available Subpage Pagetypes

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Hi. I'm running 5.6.1 on a site where I would like to limit the set of pagetypes offered to users when they add a subpage dependant on their group membership and where the page is being created. This used to be available via the advanced permissions "Currently Viewing" option, described thus in the documentation:

"Sub-Page permissions. A grid of every groups/users and all the site page types is displayed allowing you to choose which groups can add what types of pages. Permissions are inclusive in concrete5, so as long as you're in ANY group that has rights available you will have access."
(from here: )

This control appears to have been removed or relocated in the current version, and I'd much appreciate any help from anyone who could point me to it's new location.

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You may have already found this, but if not, I think this is what you're looking for. Note: this works using Advanced permissions - not sure about simple permissions.

1) Go to Dashboard > sitemap
2) Edit permissions for Home page
3) Click on "Add Sub-page" permission
4) Select "Details" tab
5) Check page types for each group