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Can someone please message me the default Main.css file for Plain Yogurt? I was stupid and edited the core, and now I've messed it up. Is anyone able to copy that for me and message me so that I can have a clean start? I do not want to do a fresh install because I've uploaded many assets with meta data in it and cannot afford to do it again.

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goldhat replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Download a fresh C5 and unzip it and copy the file or entire theme out it. You don't have to install it to get the files out, just unzip the download and copy the files you are missing.
mtherieau12 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you! I'm still having trouble with an addon, even though I have clean files. The addon isn't displaying in full height. It's "Mega Menu Vertical" but it's only taking up about 100 pixels in height or so, and I have 40+ pages in my sitemap. I'm using the custom templates for the Auto-nav that came with it.

Any idea?
PatrickCassidy replied on at Permalink Reply
Without looking at the code, it's possible that you've placed your mega-menu in a div with a fixed max-height, and/or possibly the style overflow:hidden. Check these in your style sheet.