Maxmind GeoIP2 policy changes

If you're using the free "Geolocation with MaxMind GeoIP2" package (, then the recent policy change by Maxmind will affect you.

Here's the full announcement:

In short, you'll need to create a free account on Maxmind's website and generate an API key in order to keep using this service. These settings need to be entered into the "geolocation" dashboard interface (/dashboard/system/environment/geolocation/).

Hope this helps someone and saves a bit of time.


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libertymorningnews replied on at Permalink Reply
I am running v8 and got a whoops when attempting to install the add-on.
libertymorningnews replied on at Permalink Reply
nevermind, i was attempting an older version, the addon you listed above did not show when i was searching the addon store, but i found it and am configuring it now.
jb1 replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
No problems, in case anyone else needs the direct link, here it is: