Members area only works for Administrator user group

I have a site running Concrete I have setup a user group that will have some but not all of the abilities that the full administrator accounts have. I want this group to be able to Add & Remove members. Currently, this group can view the Members page and all of its sub pages but when viewing the list of users - the list is empty.

I have gone into the dashboard/system/permissions/users area and confirmed that this user group has the same rights as the Administrators. I've also tried creating a second new account and it doesn't work either.

This user group can add new users but after successfully adding a user, I get a Concrete5 error telling me that Access is Denied. Also, while adding a new user, I don't have the ability to add the new user to a specific user group.

Is there an area I'm missing where the permissions for this group are being set. I'd love to figure this one out.

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jeffmnelson replied on at Permalink Reply
I have found the solution to my problem and wanted to post the steps in case anyone else runs into the same issue.

For a user or group of users to be able to add a new user to a group, it needs to have rights to the group. For example if I'm logged in as User A and want to add a new user to Group B, you first need to go to /dashboard/users/groups, click on Group B and Edit Permissions. You then need to ensure that User A (or whatever group of users you want to have access) is in both "Search User Group" and "Assign Group".

Once that was done, everything worked for me.