Missing global scrapbook and site name issue

I've posted this same issue in the site name issue post but need more help.

I want to replace the default site name with my logo. I have no clue how to edit code so I'm avoiding that option at all costs.

Franz posted that I should be able to change it by renaming the site, clearing the cache and looking in the global scrapbook for the appropriate block.

I've tried this and I never get a global scrapbook. My website uses green salad. Help in really basic terms please.

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Mia replied on at Permalink Reply
I need to know this too, I am using the theme that it starts out with. I have managed to change the page title over by using Sitewide Settings where it says 'name your website' but, the heading on the pages still says Concrete5 Site. I would like to change this to my own site name. How do we do this?
cannonf700 replied on at Permalink Reply
Try this ( I just did it):
1. go to your dashboard.
2. on the left hand menu choose "Scrapbook"
3. on the listed scrapbook page choose "global scrapbook"
4. you should find this listed there: Content: "My_Site_Name" and to the right a set of options.
5. choose "edit"
! Yeah ! now you can make it whatever you want. new name, new font, a picture. etc...
However - this only changes what this scrapbook looks like - you will still need to go to your pages and apply the scrapbook itself.