Modifying Page Type

When I edit the Output of a Page Type that I have created, can I assume that a new derivative of the initial Page Type will be created, and that none of the current instances of that Page Type will be modified? That is what seems to be happening.

Specific case is adding a new Block to a Page Type's Output. The Block appears on new instances, but not on old ones. I just want to make sure this is expected behavior. Additionally, is there a way to automatically update old instances? Even if that is a DB edit?

OK, I admit that I could trace through all the code and eventually figure out if this is expected behavior, but apparently I am too damn lazy. Hoping someone will just let me know.

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A3020 replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
In the Page Type Defaults, you can click on a block and 'set up on child pages'. See attached screenshot.
softwallcave replied on at Permalink Reply
Ah, just noticed that. Awesome! Thanks.
softwallcave replied on at Permalink Reply
I just noticed, at least for v8.3.2, that draft pages are not updated when using this option. Is this an oversight or by design?