Moving Blocks with Guestbook on page problems

Moving a block has not been an issue for me except on the pages that have a guestbook. On guestbook pages, repositioning blocks is unpredictable. You move one and hit save positioning and god only knows how it appears and what moved. The only way I can get it to work properly (90% of the time) is to delete the guestbook and reenter comments in myself. This is rather annoying and very unpleasant as it is on a page I update and add new blocks to daily.

Is this a bug, or is there an explanation for this? I have run across this several times. It is my only complaint with Concrete5 at all. I noticed it a few weeks ago. I have debugged and everything I can think of. I delete the guest book, I can do everything perfect. To me this seems like a bug within the guest book feature, but I do not know.

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peterfinch replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm experiencing the same problem. I have to keep checking the guestbook block is still where it should be after editing the page.

Also, the guestbook disappears altogether if I delete old page versions.

mike80134 replied on at Permalink Reply
I am having this issue also. When I delete old page versions my guestbook gets deleted. I have checked the database and it is also deleted from there. I have also noticed that if you just add a guestbook on a page it does not show a new version. For example I go to page "aPage" click "Edit Page" then add a guestbook block then click "Versions" there is no new page version. If I go and add another kind of block then click "Versions" there will be a new page version I then check the new version checkbox click on "Approve" then check the old version checkbox and click on "Remove" and the guestbook is gone. Does anybody know what is going on?
Wendy replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm also having the exact same problem.