Moving pages within the sitemap?

Is it possible to move a page within the site map? For example i want to a page from one location in the sitemap and place it somewhere else. is this possible or do i have to build the page all over again

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Adreco replied on at Permalink Reply
Just drag and drop :)
Click on icon of page and drag to new location (a dotted line will appear and move to indicate the new position)
MVFinfo replied on at Permalink Reply
I tried to drag and drop, are we thinking the same thing? i'm talking about the site map where all the pages are dissplayed. i want to move one full page and all its contents to another location???
MVFinfo replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey never mind, i went into the flat view of the site map, you can move stuff there but not within the entire map itself.
jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
If you click the "sitemap" button in your admin toolbar (which you may or may not have -- it's an option you can set in Dashboard -> Sitewide Settings), that shows you only a sitemap for navigation -- you can't move pages around from there.

But if you're in the dashboard sitemap (Dashboard -> Sitemap), then you should be able to drag and drop the pages -- just make sure you're clicking and dragging on the little icon next to each page, not the name of the page.
MVFinfo replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, that is exactally what i wanted to do
adminguy replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm a newbie, so please bear with me.

I am using the Greek Yogurt theme, and am using the blog scheme within it to display newsletters. I created an example newsletter page and put it at the same level as newsletter-archives (that was formerly blog archives).

I want the search capability to locate the pages within this blog hierarchy.

So I thought I'd just move the page into the newsletter/newsletter-archives/?year=2012&month=04, but those folders aren't visible in the sitemap, only the top level of them are.

I'm not actually sure how to create new blog entries with this theme. I haven't changed any of the structure, only the names from blog to newsletter.

Can anyone point me to any info that might help me figure out how to do this?
pmarques replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi adminguy,

You are terribly complicating what is very simple. I had trouble understanding this post so I'll focus on this - "I'm not actually sure how to create a new blog entry".

A blog entry is merely a page of the type "Blog Entry". Then, a page list block creates a list of pages of the blog entry type, thus creating a "latest posts" list.

So, to create a new blog entry, you simply navigate to your blog page (the one with the listing), hover on "Edit" and click on "Add sub-page". Then, you select the page type "Blog Entry" and fill the required fields. You can also do this from the sitemap. You can find a video tutorial about the blog here:

This said, it's pretty obvious that you need to RTFM. There are lots of documentation and how-to's on this site. With Concrete5 it's very easy to get the whole picture as soon as you understand the basics, the little effort needed is well worth it!
adminguy replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey thanks pmarques, you're absolutely right about the RTFM on this issue. I needed to get offline (or risk divorce!) so I was kindof in a hurry.

You answered my question well enough. The example page I created wasn't a subpage and that's where the main problem arose.

As for moving the page I did create, or changing it to a subpage, that is something I'd like to know how to do if it's possible but it isn't critical at all.

So sorry for posting the question before RTFM, and thanks for your patience.
pmarques replied on at Permalink Reply

It's okay, sorry if I sounded harsh, it was not my intention.
Moving a page has been explained in this thread by Jordan. You go to the sitemap and drag a page (by clicking in the little icon, not the page name).

You can also change the type of a page. Just hover on "Edit" and click on "Design". There, you can choose a page type for the page. Note that the page list block may be set to show pages of a specific type located everywhere OR pages of a specific type located beneath a certain page. If you don't see your page listed on the page list, you may have to move it beneath another page - just check the page list settings.
jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
@adminguy, I'm glad you figured out a solution to your problem. I wanted to chime in and say that I did not think your question was a bad one at all, and RTFM'ing is not always the best thing because TFM is not always clearly written or easy to find or easy to understand.

@pmarques: one of the things I love about Concrete5 is the overall professionalism, politeness and helpfulness of the community. In light of that, I do not think that the way you replied to this question was appropriate. Perhaps it has some element of truth to it, but overall it hurts the Concrete5 community. For every person that posts to the forum, there are probably 10 lurkers who are reading. When new people see this kind of harsh response to a question, it really turns them off. This is bad for all of us (especially those of us who make a living as designers/developers who work with Concrete5) as it will reduce the overall size of the userbase in the long run. Perhaps you're not making a living doing this stuff, but if you're taking the time to share your expertise in the forums, I'm guessing you get something out of this -- and if so, I urge you to consider the long-term effects that comments like this have on the community.

It might help to try to remember what it was like when you were first learning something -- how overwhelming it can be when you just need to get something working but you're out of time and patience for the day. If after some consideration you are still so frustrated that someone would ask such a question, it might be better to simply ignore it rather than respond in a belittling way.


pmarques replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Jordan,

I totally didn't mean to sound harsh, I really missed a smiley there or something. The point I was trying to make was that it pays off to understand Concrete5 basics.
I hereby publicly apologize to all present and future lurkers, please don't hesitate to ask questions.
I was bad and I should feel bad.
adminguy replied on at Permalink Reply
I very much appreciate jordanlev's comments. If any of you read my other posts here on the forum he might not have been so quick to have said that since I've not been my best here in terms of good netiquette.

And thanks for everyone here and elsewhere on the site for the help you provide. Having a thriving community is vital to an open source project and it's one of the first things I check out.

As for the problem I posted on, I later tried to implement the solution provided by pmarques and it didn't work. Adding a new blog page so it appears under the correct hierarchy requires a unique page type (blog page). This can be added from the sitemap.

If you just select "add a subpage" you don't get the option of specifying the page type, at least it wasn't obvious if so.

In order for the blog entry to appear in the blog archives it can't be added as a content page.
malthoff replied on at Permalink Reply
For future reference:
If you have too many subpages and the sitemap tree begins to paginate - change to flat view (it's one of the UI options when you click on a page). In this view clicking on pages reveals more options as in the normal tree view. Especially the two options "to top" and "to bottom" are useful here. "To Top" moves the page to the very first position in the sitemap tree. Now you should be able to order your pages again.
PixelFields replied on at Permalink Reply
What a helpful comment! Came here for this so thanks malthoff :)