Multiple "Blogs"

I want to have multiple blogs with blog entries. I have setup two blogs, and made blog entries beneath them in the sitemap (they are inset in the gui) but all blog entries show up on all blog pages. Is there a way to designate them as only showing up in one blog vs the other? Is this something I need to dig up in the theme vs here?

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digitalcoleman replied on at Permalink Reply
I guess I have figured out a workaround with using Blog Entry Topics. It is not ideal, but seems to work. Open to other tips.
VidalThemes replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi There,

I am assuming you are using the page list block to show your blog entries, in the page list block there is a setting to show pages according to location, under the location setting you have the choice for displaying all pages that sit under another page, so as long as you have a "parent" page with all blog entries sat under it, you should be able to filter just the pages/entries you want to show.

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