Multiple registration forms with different required fields

Hi all,

I'm new to C5 and i've been playing around with some of the code.

So far I have cloned the registration page and I'm showing user attributes from a specific set on this new page.

However, when the form is submitted it is still looking for the inputs of other fields that are marked as 'required' but I am not showing them on this new page.

Is there a way to alter the form validation so that it only validates the fields that are rendered on the page (and are posted)?
e.g. First Name field exists and is required but is not printed on the new page so there should be no errors in the validation when submitting the form.

Would it require altering the loader helper for the form validation?

My second issue is surrounding /do_register/...
When my new page's form action is set to e.g. /register_new_page/do_register/ this does not work.
If it is set to the default register page /register/do_register/ then this works (with the issues outlined above).
How do I get the /do_register/ part to work for my new page?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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nickharris replied on at Permalink Reply
I have made a little progress on this.

I have created a copy of /concrete/controllers/register.php and placed in /controllers/register.php
I have then copied the contents of /concrete/core/controllers/single_pages/register.php in to the /controllers/register.php file to override the functions.
So now the form validation is checking for validation on only 2 of the attribute sets as opposed to all attributes ticked to show on the registration page so this is working as I wanted it to.

Now I just need to tackle the cloning aspect of it which doesn't seem to be working.

I've created a copy of my /controllers/register.php file and renamed to match the name of my new single page registration page e.g. /controllers/register_new.php & /single_pages/register_new.php
I've changed the form action on the new page to post to itself e.g. /register_new and when I submit the form I get a 404 at this URL > /register_new/do_register/

Does anyone know what I'm missing here?
rc255 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there Nick, did you have any luck with generating multiple registration pages?

I want to do exactly this. A simple registration for general users and a separate login for 'clients' which will have different fields and extra attributes...

If you can give me any pointers, I'd be most grateful


terhanbay replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello, I am looking to do the same as well. If you have found a solution, I would like to learn what you did. I would be thankful for your ideas.