Nav and adding page to the Menu HELPPPPP

The the header nav it comes with


I have figured out how to change the names of the pages but how do I add more main pages? It keeps making a sub category. I feel so dumb haha can someone help?

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ChrisWatterston replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Its simple.....

....all you have to do is click on the first page (default as 'home', think of this as the first page in the map so this is your home page) in your 'SiteMap' in the dashboard and click 'Add Page'.

A new pop-up will pop-up (WOW) and just fill in the relevent information like page name and click on a template etc and then when your happy click on the 'Add' button at the bottom.

Once you have done this then the 'SiteMap' should refresh its self and you will spot your new page :)

Any issues with this then chuck up another post, Thanks....

Chris :)