Navagation not working

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I have added pages and went to Dash board and arranged sequence with no problem.
When I click on one of the sub-pages I get an error message "error 500 Internal Server Problem" (something like this).
I can go to the Dashboard and display the tree and visit any page but not from the NAV Block.

Any suggestions?

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Adreco replied on at Permalink Reply
Could it be a caching problem? C5 or Browser
pskelley replied on at Permalink Reply
emptied Cache in Systems on C5 (No Change)
Checked settings on Explorer and reset to default (No Change)
Tried Google Chrome (No Change)
Thanks again,
tofraser replied on at Permalink Reply
Are you trying to use search engine friendly URLs? Perhaps check the htaccess file?
pskelley replied on at Permalink Reply
HTaccess fixed the problem.
Mahalo Nui
tofraser replied on at Permalink Reply
Great, you may want to mark the answer as correct in case other people are searching for correct answers.
ANNA515 replied on at Permalink Reply
What should the htaccess contain as I've got the same kind of problem?

I'm building a fairly simple site on my development WAMP and the htaccess was created by C5, so I assume it should be correct.

The index page displays fine, however, sub-pages (which have been created already) that are accessed via links in the main page content are not being found. If I hover my mouse over a link then the pretty URL displayed looks correct i.e.

Clicking the link takes me to a 404 page with in the address bar.

If I edit the address bar URL to then the page will load but:

1) there's obviously an issue somewhere
2) requiring index.php in a pretty URL is incredibly naff

I have many other sites running on the same WAMP and pretty URLs work fine for all of them, so this has got me stumped.
tofraser replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you confirm that the htaccess was actually created?