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Here's the problem. I created a personal scrapbook to house different parts of pages created off line in dreamweaver or coda. I then take the html(only between the body tags) and insert it into my scrapbook and name it. Then I put the page I want to insert it into edit mode.
Choose the section and ask to insert a html block. I call out to the scrapbook instance and it gets pumped into the block. The PROBLEM is that the instance floats outside of the block. Any ideas way it won't stay within the html block. Thanks for the help.

Here' a link to the test page:

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SteveSBD replied on at Permalink Reply
Found the problem. It was in my css doc. The div selector had a position: absolute;. Needed to be changed to relative. Now anything is possible with the scrapbook instance pumped into html block. Keep a close eye on your CSS file is all you need to do.