New Domain with existing files, format gone awry.

Greeting folks. I am looking for some insight on what has caused my issue, and perhaps a way to resolve it. I've been working on a site under a sub domain of my existing domain name. Today I purchased a new domain name and pointed it to the directory I was working with. Under the new domain, the site doesn't load properly and his missing pictures and content. Hope its ok for me to include the links.


Same files under new domain:

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LennDa replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi SpectralForce,

i have looked at the output code. The paths that are stored in the images do not seem to be correct.

-Have you cleaned up the Chache including pictures?
-What happens when you remove the image in editing mode and re-enter it?

What I noticed is that there are no short URLs are used on the first domain. On the new domain, however, Short URL (removing index.php from URL) seem to be active.

All other data such as CSS seem to load correctly.

SpectralForce replied on at Permalink Reply

Thanks for the reply. I have really just started to delve into concrete this week, though I've had my account for a while. I have not cleared the cache and my host by default doesn't allow aliases for urls. I haven't tried to recreate anything as I was hoping I missed a simple solution. I am not sure to check for short url usage. I've had done any websites since the late 90s with notepad and html. Concrete seemed the most intuitive and easiest for me to learn.

Is there a way to do a site back up/restore under a new folder for the new url? This little bit of work took me a few hours to do. I'll re do everything if I have to but if I can avoid that, I'd like to.

Sorry I am just a little out of my element currently.