newbie creating blog_entry page type: how to change sidebar width?

First time working with blogs in Concrete5 in version 5.6.x. Attempting to use Composer.

I setup a blog_entry page type and selected a full-width icon in the Settings page. Then I went to edit the default settings for that page type. However, when I left-click on a block, Concrete5 doesn't show the "Add Layout" option (which I want to use to include a sidebar with a custom width).

So, I went back to the Settings page for blog_entry and selected the right-sidebar icon. Then, when I create a page and look at the result, the sidebar is too wide. How do I reduce this width? The package shown in the Page Types page for blog_entry is "None".

As I am new, please be explicit in explanations. Thanks so much.


I tried editing ~/concrete/themes/default/blog_entry.php as well as main.css in the same directory and neither seemed to effect the blog "Default" page that is generated. I tried clearing the browser cache as well as the cache from within concrete settings.

Where are the files that control this blog_entry page?

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siton replied on at Permalink Reply
I little hard to follow your question :)

"how to change sidebar width":
right_sideBar.php "outline": for example:

col-8 (8/12 width of the container)
col-4 (4/12 width of the container)

In elemental left_sidebar.php - the outline is - (3/12 and 1 col offset = 4/12) and 8/12 col

In practice most of the times - the sidebar width is the same in all pages (Better UI and design). In other words you dont need grid control for the sidebar area 99% of the times.

Your options:
1. get inside PHP and change the col widths (or create new template)
2. Enable grid control for the side bar area (bad practice in my opinion if the sidebar is for menus)

Read more about grid control her:

And about bootstrap grid her:

** Your topic do not have connection to the composer (data)
** Page types use template layout (to see the change you need to connect the page type to the template you edit)
jwapp replied on at Permalink Reply
Where is the file "right_sideBar.php" located, if the Page Type package shows "None"?

>** Your topic do not have connection to the composer (data)

I listed "composer" as a tag to my original posting above. I'm not sure what you're trying to say here.

>** Page types use template layout (to see the change you need to connect the page type to the template you edit)

How do I connect the page type to the template? I'm lost.

I'm fine with editing PHP/HTML and bootcamp css, etc. I just don't know where Concrete5 is pulling these files from.
siton replied on at Permalink Reply
None = deafult.php

You work on elemental theme?........

See her where he puts the theme files:

You dont see the files of "page_types" in the theme folder only the the templates.
When you click "edit deafults" - you see the page type X - that use full template for example

You control the page template of the page_type her:

or you can change the page template of specific page from the sitemap - or top navbar--> "page setting--> design" in the page view

Look at this to - for more understand about the structure:
jwapp replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Siton, Your comments are for 5.7, and I'm using 5.6.x.

I do not know what you consider "root" folder to be. There is no file named blog_entry.php inside the ~/public_html/concrete folder. This file is located in the following places:


I tried modifying the first two files above, but didn't see any change take effect.

Note that the only theme I have activated is Bootstrap for C5 version 5.6.x, which does not have a blog page included with the theme.

>Themes --> click on "Page Templates" and check out the new template.

From the Dashboard, I locate the Themes link under the Pages & Themes heading, and click it. This opens a window showing the currently installed themes, of which Bootstrap is the only theme installed. There is no "Page Templates" link or button. The word "template" does not appear anywhere.

> ... and try to connect page_type to this file

I'm not sure how to get to the screen that performs this connection.
siton replied on at Permalink Reply
Root of the theme. where you locate your theme files (deafult and description).

I never use 5.6 but i believe its the same idea. look at 5.6 docs

The file blog_entry.php need to be in this folder (Themes --> MyTheme) and the theme need to be install and activate. If you see this file name in yogurt theme but use other theme you dont see any changes
jwapp replied on at Permalink Reply
Nevermind, I found the correct file, for bootstrap, is located at:


This allows me to adjust the sidebar width as needed.