No cursor in editor: TinyMCE bug in IE?

OS: Windows 7
Browser: Internet Explorer 9 (running in IE8 compatibility mode thanks to the X-UA-Compatible tag)

Short description:
When editing content for the second time on the same webpage the cursor is no longer visible in IE until the user interacts with anything else in the editor.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Login to a Concrete5 website with Internet Explorer.
2. Modify a content block. Make a minor change by inserting or removing text for instance.
3. Save the block.
4. Edit the content block again. The cursor is no longer visible and you can't type anything.
5. Try to change the font size. You will now be able to edit again.

- This bug only takes effect if the page was not refreshed before the TinyMCE editor is used for a second time.
- Interacting with anything else in the editor nullifies the bug.
- It only occurs in IE. Using any other browser nullifies the bug.

Oops! Found the following post:

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Lemonbrain replied on at Permalink Reply
I have still exactly this problem with IE10 and Concrete Version Knows some one a woraround for it?