No textlinks in content block possible after upgrade frm 8.4.1 to 8.5.0

We updated the core from 8.4.1 to 8.5.0. Adding a textlink in the content block is not possible anymore. You have to set it via the HTML source.
To reproduce:
In a content block with text I highlight a textportion and click on the "add/edit link" icon. The link editor appears, then i use URL and enter an URL or choose a page via sitemap. After saving the link editor and the saving CKeditor window and saving the page there's is no link.

We're using the Elemental Theme and CKEditor 4.11.1 (revision c264cac) on concrete5.8.5

Is it a bug? Should it be reported or is it me.


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blinkdesign replied on at Permalink Reply
Problem resolved!

The latest Release v.8.5 uses CKEditor 4.1. and is not working well anymore with older browsers.

So, make sure that a modern browser is used and your operating system not too old.

We were editing an upgraded website with Firefox/Safari on a Mac with OS 10.10.