not redirect users on login?

Is there a way to make the login page send the user back to whichever page on which they clicked the login link?

I have an account set up for a client to edit their website's content (not an admin account) but it redirects them to the dashboard every time they login.

Although they do have dashboard access, what I would really like is, after logging in, they get bounced back to whichever page they were viewing. 90% of the time, they logged in just to edit that particular page.

1. Go to
2. Click the "Log in to edit this site" link in the footer
3. User is redirected to login page. User logs in.
4. [desired] User goes back to
[actual, current behavior] user is redirected to dashboard.

I know you can edit the "Where to send users on login?" attribute from the "Users & Groups >> Login & Registration" panel in the dashboard. Unfortunately, that only allows you to specify a single (fixed) page. I'm looking for a way to bounce the user back to the last page they were viewing.

[C5 skill level: familiar]
[PHP skill level: virtually nonexistent]

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The free log-in block should do it.

And there is a pop-up template to go with it.

Just set it to return user to same page.

Hope that does it for you.