onIOError With File Uploads

Hi, On trying to upload files through the File Manager I am getting a popup window with the message onIOError. I have double checked the files directory to ensure that the write permissions are set properly.

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FIBER replied on at Permalink Reply
I was having the same problem today.
It seems totally random, for files larger then 1mb.

Maybe it's due to a disruption in the connection.
chestercat replied on at Permalink Reply
The file I am trying to upload is a very small gif, only 4 kb in size. I get this error when I use the file manager on my local server for testing on a Macintosh OS X but file uploads work on the remote server where the site will be hosted.
chestercat replied on at Permalink Reply
Figured out the problem. I had a space in the name of the root folder for my site. Once removed the file manager allowed me to upload.
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Wow, that's a new one. Glad it got working :-)