Option to remove form/survey submissions

Am I missing something? I can't seem to find an easy way to select and delete specific form/survey submissions.

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frz replied on at Permalink Reply
I think you're talking about the data that the form collects, not the options in the actual form. The options are editable/deletable through editing a form. The data we didn't really see a need to provide a deletion to. You can download it all into a CSV file, and it seems just as likely that you might accidentally delete a form submission you would want to keep.. I dunno.. we're not big on killing data.. you also can't delete users or groups in c5.. you can just deactivate..
Lost replied on at Permalink Reply
No worries, I was just wondering about it and thought I just overlooked this option.
Robo replied on at Permalink Reply
In my opinion deleting users or groups is a neccessary feature. I don't want to life with a mis-typed usergroup in the backend ;)
Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
"delete" is dangerous but there's referential integrity which can make sure you only remove stuff that has never been used..

but being able to remove a mistyped group name would be nice. If I mistyped something, I'll remove it for sure - one way or another.. But having an offical way that checks a couple of things is smarter and safer.
weltenschmid replied on at Permalink Reply
So why don't you just rename it? That solves the mistyping issue in my humble opinion. :P
ong replied on at Permalink Reply

subject says it all: I am the only user and I need only 1 group. But I created a new group for testing - which I want to get rid off.... for example.

ymne replied on at Permalink Reply
I understand your point of view and problem dear Ong.

Are we the only ones that think it SHOULD have or MUST have the possibility to delete data or any form. This is not a wise direction to go.

We need an open mind here, no?

Is C5 going to be what they have said "a better place"? I hope so. But more and more it seems that this letmotiv is only for the developpers and not newbies users like. Hum... is it again about "made a million bucks" on the altar of money. If it gets there in an extreme sense, it will make the worst open source on this planet to be. We, newbies, without PHP/CSS skills, will be totally at the mercy of those who just want to make money and not as it said helping "to make the world a better place". Think better, do better.

Thanks for your wise concern.
Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
We're working on the user & group delete functionality today. Should be coming in one of the next concrete releases.

In regards to your comment ymne, I really don't think it's as complicated as your making it out to be. We're trying to help you guys out and make it as easy as possible for non-programmers, but a lot of this stuff is just a matter of prioritizing our limited time.
ymne replied on at Permalink Reply
I understand the matter.

BlackBird replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, exactly. There is no such thing like "why do you need it?". When you have a website, you must have full control of things.
A few days ago, I was making my custom template for the survey block just to make it looking what I want and since I am more a designer than a developer I care about it very much. So, to see the second part - "results" I had to vote. After finishing "results" design I realized that I still need to tweak a form again. But there was no way to see it again. So, the only option I had is to go directly to MySQL administration tool and manually delete that record from results database.
BlackBird replied on at Permalink Reply
Since here are people that use or used the survey block, I would like to ask a bit different question about the survey block. When I try to select an option in survey's edit mode for allowing unregistered visitors to vote, nothing happens and it keeps showing results. But when I sign in to my concrete, voting possibility becomes available. Did any of you guys experienced such a problem before? Or may you check that in your websites, whether it's working or not for you. Just decided it would be time saving to ask you before going through all the code lines checking what went wrong. Thanks.