Page types not updating

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Recently I made some changes to some page type. I noticed that none of the pages were updating, so I cleared the cash, and to test it out, I went to a page, reselected a page type I had updated, and Concrete is still not showing any changes. I'm running Concrete, using Firefox 15.0.1

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jenumba replied on at Permalink Reply
So no one has had trouble with the Page Types?

I did a test and created a new page. The new page had the updated content I had added to the page type, but none of my previous pages will update with the content pages.

Did something change in Concrete? is there a better way to create/update content that is supposed to appear on all pages of the website other than Page Types?
mhawke replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
By 'changes' to page types, do you mean html changes to the underlying .php file or do you mean changes to the default content of the specific page type?

Changes to the underlying html structure will immediately affect all pages that use that page type, new or existing. If you want to apply changes you made to the default content to existing pages, you need to click on the area you changed and select 'Setup on Child Pages' to propagate these changes back to selected pages that already exist.
jenumba replied on at Permalink Reply
Setup on child pages! It's been a while since I've needed to change content in a page type, I had forgotten about that step. Thanks so much!