PDF thumbnails not showing up

How can I make pdf thumbnails be visible for all the new pdfs that I upload?

I am new to concrete5 and am in the process of adding new products to my companies site. I don't know what I am doing different but some pdf's that I upload contain the pdf thumbnail, while a majority of the new products I am adding are just showing the name of the pdf.


No Thumbnail:http://sourcegraphics.com/products/large-format/scanners/contex/sd-...

Please help, thank you.

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply 2 Attachments
Hi Rachelle528,

The difference between the two is that the thumbnail is using an <img> tag and the non-thumbnail is using a link tag <a>.

One is using the PDF to display a thumbnail and the other is just pointing to a PDF file.

I added two screenshots to show the difference.

Are you using a form based page to generate your product pages?