Please help me with the Mega Menu Concrete 5 version 5.6.3

Hi all,
I was trying to use the Amiant menu and I couldn't get the doggone drop down menu to stay long enough when I moved my pointer down to it for me to click it. So that sucked. I decided to buy the mega menu as the demonstration video showed it working smoothly without the disappearing drop down menu. But now that I have bought the megamenut and I am looking at it, there is not HOW TO that I understand to go with it.

I Looked at a video on youtube and it says to go to a scrapbook on the dashboard. I don't have a scrapbook on my dashboard. Or if I do, it is playing hide and seek with me and it is winning.

So I looked at the concrete5 page where I got the megamenu on the side it says documentation, I would have figured that would be a how to. NOPE! I even clicked on the go to this page for support and got a 404 error. I really am trying to do this without bothering you guys too much cause I know you are busy.

I added block, clicked megamenu to be that block. Then the display comes up with a window that says style. The first box has me stumped. the choices are Native Font CSS font and Google web font. Arrrggghhhh, in my mind I am asking How the hell am I supposed to know what kind of font a font is? I barely know the fonts. I know I like Comic Sans and that is about it. I don't know what kind of font it is.

Can someone tell me what I am supposed to do with that box if you know what kind of font I need to put in there , or... if you could help walk me through this menu insertion, I sure would appreciate it. the box says this is very important so the menu will know how much room to delegate to position the submenu. So I don't want to screw it up.

All I know is that I want the background to be transparent and the writing to be white so that the blue jpg that is the background where the menu will be will show through. The little divider lines between buttons on the menu I would like to be a darker blue than the blue background that is part of the theme. If someone could tell me what I need to do in order to make that happen on the megamenu, I would give you a HUGE virtual hug as I would appreciate it very much.

My website is I don't have any code to share right now as I am in the beginning of setting that megamenu up. Thank you so much. :)



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