Problem with design style presets for a block

I have applied a custom style preset via "Design" to a block, what works without problems. Now when i want to remove that preset from the block, the dropdown doesn't let me change to "** Custom (No Preset)", and additionally it duplicates the "Save" and "Cancel" buttons in the popup window (please see attachements).

For me, the expected behaviour would be, that selecting "No Preset" would simply unassign the current design preset.

Can anybody confirm this behaviour? (Concrete5 5.6.1)

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cmerritt replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
I have tested the design function and there is a problem in 5.6.1.
Normally the **Custom appears at the top of the drop down list but in this version it is at the bottom. I created 2 presets and found that if you selected custom it did remove the presets but showed the name of the preset that was at the top of the list. You could then not select this preset. If you select the preset that was second on the list it would update. You can then select the first preset. It is probably about as confusing as my description when using this function now. Blocks with a custom design preset are showing the name of the first preset on the drop down list. It does just appear to be a sorting problem in the names on the drop down
I would think that this requires a bug report.

Edit- If you only have 1 preset and select custom it is then not possible to select the preset as clicking on it does nothing

okapi replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Colin,

thank you for confirming the issue. I've just sent a bug report to the bug tracker.

mfraioli replied on at Permalink Reply

We have the exact same problem in 5.6.1.

Please help here.