Problem with link in text field attribute in Composer


I have create a Page Type with a rich text zone as an attribute.
In this text field (it's the sidebar of the page), I put links to documents (eg. PDF).

When I edit my page through Composer, I can add links to documents through the WYSIWYG toolbar. The link is inserted like that:

<a href="BASE_URL/download_file/view/docID" target="_blank">My document</a>

and everthing is fine.

But If I go again in the composer (even without changing something) and do a publish, the links are broken because a change in the URL (it adds the cID at the end of the URL):

<a href="BASE_URL/download_file/view/docID/cID" target="_blank">My document</a>

and everytime you do it, it adds one instance:

<a href="BASE_URL/download_file/view/docID/cID/cID/cID/cID" target="_blank">My document</a>

How can I change this behaviour to keep the first and working URL?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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