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Hi C5!

Does anyone have a good recommendation for an add-on that can be used for audio files? I'm creating a website for a church that has sermons online to listen or download. I'd like an add-on that creates a table with all the sermon data: date, title, etc.


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wagdi replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi Dayna,

Heres a few for you to look at-

1. Media Library - developed byelyon

"The perfect suite for delivering groups of video and audio on Concrete5 website!


Create your own photo/audio/video gallery
File Manager extensions for your videos
HTML5 for iOS support (audio and H.264 videos)
Full support for externally hosted files
Support for files hosted on YouTube or Vimeo
Support for custom video thumbnail images
Support for podcasts (Beta)

The Media Library add-on leverages the power of Concrete5 file sets to make it easy to host groups of video or audio content on your website. The Media Library block sorts your files by date, title, or in Concrete 5.4.1, by custom display order. It pages automatically, and also generates an RSS feed for your content.

You can use the installed File Manager extensions to preview videos or generate your own thumbnails, or you can use the added file attributes to toggle download links for each file or add your own custom thumbnail image. Title, description and tags for each file are used when they are displayed. You can filter each Media Library block by tag, or you can add a Media Library Tags block to automatically create a tag list to let the user filter the Media Library block themselves. This functionality is similar to how the Concrete5 Marketplace lets you filter add-ons by category.

You can add externally hosted files by creating a text file with the URL of the file and uploading it into the File Manager. Add it to your file set and update its Title, Description and Tags as you would other files. If you specify a YouTube or Vimeo URL in your text file, it will be embedded using the YouTube or Vimeo player automatically.

If you would like to use a YouTube video, try to format the URL so it is similar to this example: If you would like to use a Vimeo video, try to format the URL so it is similar to this example:

Initial support for podcasting has been added as well. If you enable RSS on a Media Library block, you can add iTunes-specific tags to support podcasting. If you are attempting to use the podcasting features and encounter any difficulties, please let me know. I'll be more than happy to improve the add-on to make sure it works."

DEMO: <snip for malware>


2. Multimedia BOX - developed bysebastienj

"Multimedia BOX 2.0

Multimedia Box is your one-step, simple solution for handling all the media on your concrete5 site.

Now you can link directly to all your files in a simple and direct manner that is both intuitive and easy. An advanced backend interface uses drag and drop ordering much like repositioning elements on a page.

Choose whatever thumbnail size you like in the Advanced options tab. You can also change the way the icons are displayed on your page from a variety of css determined styles. What a different style to match your page. Easily create it in the external css file and your done.

File types natively supported:

Flash (only swf, not video)
Sounds (.mp3 files)
YouTube videos
Vimeo Videos
Webpages (in an iframe)
Add a attribute named 'url' to your image, quicktime, mp3 and the block load the remote file. (ideal for some files hosted in other place).
Retrieve automaticly the size of your flash file
Create fileset with flash, mp3, mov and the block will create a gallery.
Additionally you can choose to display entire filesets for a new kind of instant gallery or showcase of movies. Attributes from the files or video links are used for the title.

All files open in a javascript lightbox centered in your page for distraction free viewing."



3. Audio Library - developed byelyon

"Based on the popular Media Library add-on for Concrete5, the Audio Library makes it simple to customize and use your own multi-track audio player.

From the start, the Audio Library was designed with flexibility in mind. You can create skins for the player without any programming. The track list is rendered completely in HTML so you can hide the track list or completely mold it to function how you like. Have a feature you want, but don't see? Let me know.

The player supports album art and (optionally) generates an RSS feed so users can subscribe to your playlist. Customize your playlist and track information using the C5 File Manager. Want to add a new song, or change the order? You can do that directly from the File Manager, without ever editing your block again.

Feeds from the Audio Library are podcast-compatible! Want your own station on iTunes? Host it straight from your Concrete site."



4. ProMediaPlayer - developed byChadStrat

"The goal of promediaplayer is to provide a multi media view,listen,and download exerience for both web and mobile browsing.

ProMediaPlayer employs HTML5 video & audio with Flash fallback for non-html5 browsers. No matter the platform or browser, the playbar is styled consistently weather it's default html5 or flash...the experience always feels the same.

Beautifully Display Remote Videos

Upload a dummy .rtf (rich text format) to your filemanager
Use the file properties, and attach your youtube or vimeo video page.(no need for thumbnail! PM grabs it automatically!)
Link the file to any array of File Sets to be displayed in your players.

Flexible Design Examples

Media Player - great for displaying video, with the option for lightbox audio player & download link.
Skins Player (shown) - uses a nice .jpg background image. (.psd file included )
Media Church - a list view that provides quick button links options for video, audio, & download
Media Highlights - a video only player.
Media Gallery - a really cool thumbnail with lightbox video or audio player.

ProMediaPlayer Pro Tips

Use Vimeo/YouTube for videos whenever you can. It's WAY easier on your server load, and across all browsers and platforms they have the nicest consistency and zero buffer time. Most other platforms will play...but some require full buffering.
If you aren't to fond of remote video sources, try to stick with h.264 formatting.
If mobile viewing is NOT a concern, .m4v is the nicest playability across all browsers and platforms (exempt mobile).
when you first begin, be sure to attach your files to a well thought out C5 FileSets strategy, and that you have set the ProMedia List Player settings accrodingly.
Don't forget, the "Media Date" attribute in the files properties for each file is the date used for ordering."



Hope that helps,

Best wishes,
brabin replied on at Permalink Reply
So, I've been searching the add-ons and the forums for a simple c5 audio file player I can use to be able to have a single mp3 file play on my site when clicked. Do I to understand correctly that there is currently no free option for doing this?
wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
brabin replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for replying wagdi.

I did see the "music" add-on but was hoping to avoid flash as it has troubles on Apple mobile.

The "html5-music" add-on seems to require you to upload a separate .ogg file in addition to the mp3 file, which is quite the hassle to create and also a large file.

I did not see the "sound cloud-player" option so I'll check that out, but then I'm hosting the file offsite - again not ideal.

Seems to me like there's still a need here for something simple that is part of the core.
cpillz replied on at Permalink Reply
If you're still looking for an option to play a single audio files try a new free block I just added to the marketplace:

It uses HTML5 by default and is therefore compatible with iOS, but will use flash when necessary for older browsers.
Blenderite replied on at Permalink Reply
If you want something simple to play a single audio file and still look good and have controls, try putting this in a HTML block:

<audio controls src="/myaudio.mp3" />

More info about this tag can be found here:

I think this is the best solution for your case.
friedmand replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.
The audio files I want to upload are about 30 mins each. How can I upload files that big? File Manager has a limit of 2MB. Also, any add-ons have the capability to let users download the files I put on the site?

Blenderite replied on at Permalink Reply
There is a way to bypass the 2MB limit. If you can get FTP access to your host, then you can do the following.

Go to /root/concrete5/files/incoming in your FTP software. Then upload your audio files to the incoming folder. Once they are uploaded, simply go to Dashboard > File Manager > Upload Multiple > Add Incoming. Then click the Import Incoming. This should then add those file to the file manager. Then they can be added to a set, displayed on the site, or what ever else you want to do with them.

To let a user download the file, simply add either a File block and then they will be able to either open it in a new tab or save it from that. Note: IE is the only browser I am aware of that doesn't let you play audio files in a new tab. When clicking on the link in IE, it will download it to your PC.

One addon I would recommend is the List Files from Set. Then you can add your files to a set and it will automatically update the list for you. Though it doesn't allow you to specify what displays as text to the viewer. File with Descriotion looks like it might be a good add on for this too.

I hope that some of this is found to be helpful!
friedmand replied on at Permalink Reply
This will work perfectly! Thank you very much for all your help. :)
Blenderite replied on at Permalink Reply
No problem!