Redactor is inserting the closing before the selected text in Chrome 59.0.3071.115 (64-bit)

Dear All,

I'm having an issue with redactor in a content block; formatting text is not working as expected, if I highlight text and then apply one of the various redactor plugins such as Bold, Font Color etc, it is not being applied correctly. If I examine the html that is being generated, the closing <span> tag is directly after the opening tag. This is not occurring if I use Internet Explorer so my thoughts are that this is an issue with Redactor and Chrome rather than Concrete5 - I'm running version by the way and tested using the Elemental Theme with a default full page template. Has anyone else experienced this? I have also taken a look at the Redactor posts but couldn't see an existing bug report so I wasn't sure which version was being used by Concrete5.

It is not a major issue as I can continue to work in IE, but thanks in advance if anyone can shed some light on this?

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londongeezer replied on at Permalink Reply
Dear All,

I have updated to Concrete5 version 8.2.1 and which uses the CKEditor and has resolved the issue.
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi londongeezer,

There is a current bug in Chrome that is causing this issue.

In the following discussion, there are instructions on how to apply a fix: