Remove gap between body and header

Hello, I'm wondering if it is possible to remove the gap between the header of a theme and the body?

I currently run a concrete 5 version installation using a loadfoov2 theme.


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joseajohnson replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Definitely possible, probably by modifying the CSS. Just went over this with the default theme here:

It would be easier to be more specific with a link to the site in question, though.

Good Luck!
geekmonkey replied on at Permalink Reply
Wow thanks Joseajohnson! That seriously must of been the faster reply ever! lol

Thanks for the link as well, it appears to be precisely what I'm looking for I believe. Unfortunately I don't have a #headspacer variable within my theme's main.css to quickly edit, but I'm assuming I can probably play with the header and body position as you mentioned.

Here is a link to the page in question; . I've been playing with incorporating this FAQ script into my site, but unfortunately had to use a iFrame window. What I'd like to do is remove the white space between the header and the body, and essential have the header below touch the header above. I could then modified the bottom header to make it appear as if it flowed naturally from the top header.

At least that's the premise i'm working on atm lol.


UPDATED: So yea, by adding the position and top attributes to my content class I was able to eliminate the gap! Awesome answer! Wish my other post was answered as quickly as this!

mikefatty replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi geekmonkey

i dont know if im getting what u are saying but, can see that the gap between the header menu and the other menu are caused by your #wrap #top{} in your css, the heigt is 88px if u set it to 80px the gap beween the header and 2nd menu will be gone:-)

joseajohnson replied on at Permalink Reply

Didn't get to your update before rushing off to check the link provided, and caught a gap between headers; not sure if this is going to help, but in

the definition on line 12 for 'body #page' could use

to mash the two headers together further, if you like.

Saw that negative top margin, as well; very nice :D