Removing options from TinyMCE

I have the rich text editor set to Simple on my site and I'd like to remove the following options from the toolbar:

Style options
Format options: paragraph, address, preformatted, heading 1...etc.
Text Color Options
Background Color Options

I looked at the editor_config.php in concrete/elements folder, but I'm not sure what lines of code I need to remove to hide or dismantle the above option.

Looking to remove these items to ensure when the client adds content the styling remains consistent with the rest of the site.


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Mireck78 replied on at Permalink Reply
If I understand it right ... I do that by setting the TinyMCE Editor to custom in the dashboard sidewide settings. This way you can edit the configuration file directly in a textfield that appears below that checkbox. Usualy I delete just the properties I don't need to be editable for my client. For more convenience you can edit the configuration with your code editor as well by just copy the configuration to a new file modify it and paste it back to that textfield. I now that is for shure not the best solution, but it works.
kherman replied on at Permalink Reply
I tried that as a test by deleting a couple lines:

theme_concrete_font_sizes : "1,2,3,4,5,6,7",

For whatever reason the options above still show up in the TinyMCE after I save... also I didn't see a line in there for text color options.

So I went to take a look at the editor_config.php but again, not sure what lines I need to remove.
guythomas replied on at Permalink Reply
There is a second editor_config that loads when editing "Content" blocks. It is in the concrete/blocks/content directory. You need to remove the options there as well.

kherman replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm a dolt... when selecting Custom w/in the Rich Text Editor on the back end I was removing the entire list option line rather than removing single item options which I did not want. It's working now.

Thank you both for the help.