Removing Posted by admin from Blog

Hi. I am new to concrete5 and while I have, thanks to this forum, solved many issues I've come across in making a website, I am stuck on one particular problem and can't find a solution anywhere.

My problem is how to edit the standard "posted by admin on 1 May, 2014" on the main blog page. I'm using the basic blog with greek yogurt theme. I have managed to remove this line from the individual blog entry pages by editing the blog_entry.php file but can't find a way of doing it on the main blog page. Ideally I would like to modify the line to read:

Posted on 1 May, 2014.

Alternatively, if this isn't possible, I'd like to have a particular username displayed instead of "admin".

I would be really grateful for any help and suggestions!

Note: Since posting I have found a way around this by signing in as a user rather than admin, but would still like to know for future reference if it is possible to make changes to the posted by/date line.

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enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
you should be able to edit page properties and change the page owner and published date time!

I believe it's just a matter of a custom template being applied to the page list on your main blog page that is displaying that info also...