Replace Home page

My site has been up and running.

It's time to replace the home page.

I have created a "NewHome" page that I am happy with.

I'd like to Move/Copy the current "Home" to "OldHome",
and Move/Copy "NewHome" to "Home"

When I try to move "Home" to "OldHome" it says: "You may not move/copy/alias the chosen page to that location"

I would read the relevant documentation, but I can't find it.

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stromberg replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Copy all blocks from your "NewHome" to your scrapbook, go to your current "Home", delete all blocks there and make sure it's using the same page type as the "NewHome" page, then paste all your blocks from the scrapbook into the current "Home" page - preview changes - publish it.

It's a bit more manual work, and there's probably another way, but this should work.

The Home page is a bit special in concrete5 (you can have only one at a time), so copying/moving another page to its place in the sitemap isn't possible (at least not that I know of).

dreweinhorn replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks stromberg!

Fortunately, "NewHome", and "Home" are simple and of the same type, so this