Restore a database backup. Please HELP...

I changed hosting providers and did not get to do much more than just a sql backup. I have reinstalled concrete 5 (the latest version) only to find that there is no restore tab. It allows me to backup, but not to upload the file into the new site. I have tried uninstalling the latest version and now tried installing version ( the version i was on which had a restore tab). Now it asks for all of the following "Personal Information, Name Your Site:, Your Email Address, Database Information, Server, MySQL Username,MySQL Password, Database Name" which i try to supply but it just rejects, I have tried for the last week and i am having no success. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW I CAN GET MY SITE BACK FROM THE .SQL BACKUP FILE? PLEASE HELP...

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Two ways to overcome this:

1. Run a fresh install of C5 of the version you had backed up from as if it was a new site (ie complete the questions you stopped at as if it were a new install with the details your new host requires. Forget about your old host details.). Login and connect to your C5 account. Install all your necessary addons through the dashboard. Take a new backup (just in case). Upload your old host database backup to files/backups/ and it will now appear in the backups menu in the dashboard. Recover it from the dashboard.

2. If you have the sql backup file, you can load it into the database by phpMyAdmin. You will then need to download and unzip manually (by ftp) any addons. Edit config/site.php to point to your new host's database and .htaccess.

Both of the above methods can lead to errors if you:
- Get the database details wrong in config/site.php.
- Don't have all the addons present that are already 'installed' in the database backup.
- Are trying to recover to a different version of Concrete5 to the one the backup was made with.

There is some flexibility in these, but don't take the risk.

Neither method will recover any uploaded files, because files are not part of the database.
navin replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Johnthe Fish,
First I Must Say A BIG HEARTY THANK YOU To You For Your Response.
I have used all the new details and i got in, thanks, where would i upload the old backup to see it as an available backup to restore.

telstrom replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello, in process of moving hosts also. Have new host loaded with fresh C5 of same version ( Also have C5 file from old host but minus updates etc so reduce size of file.)

Do I need to purchase all the add-ons again? Or can I get them from the old site folders somewhere? Also not sure what folder images and files are kept in... Have the back-up file but my understanding is this does not contain images/files or add-on info)

If I need to purchase add-ons again was thinking about starting fresh with latest version of C5. Be a shame to cut our losses but may be better long term... Others thoughts please?
Site has products via ecommerce...

Thank you