Reverse Proxy

Hi all,

Im running concrete5 5.6.3 in windows server machine on xamp.

I already have IIS in that server running on port 80, so i have to make the xamp runs on port 8080.

My website address will be:

But since i want to make it public, i have to change my website URL, and for this I do URL rewrite on reverse proxy from IIS for that website. It becomes:

Every thing works fine if we browse the site.

However, if i login under admin and try to say, add a new page, after clicking "Add Page" button, the system doesnt add any new page, but instead, it will redirect the page to .

If i view the form element, the action seems to be the old website:
<form class="dialog-form" id="ccmAddPage" action="" method="post">

May i know how to solve this issue?


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lidyaagustina replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi All,

I resolved it by changing the BASE_URL

Add these 2 lines to site.php

define('BASE_URL', '');
define('REDIRECT_TO_BASE_URL', false);