Single Line Spacing

Okay, I'm using the Plain Yogurt theme and can't figure out how to get single line spacing in my blocks? I'm pretty new at this so if someone could help, with real simple terminology that would be great. :-) I would like to put a caption directly below pics but don't want it to be double spaced.


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Adreco replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm sure there are other/better solutions, but I've had success selecting "Div" instead of "Paragraph" format in the editor.
kirkroberts replied on at Permalink Reply
In the Rich Text Editor any time you press return/enter you're creating a new paragraph, and most themes are probably going to add spacing below each paragraph as dictated in their stylesheet (css).

To get around this you can do what's called a "soft return" or "line break" by holding down the shift key while you press return. This puts the cursor to the next line but keeps it in the same paragraph (in html it's like entering <br> ... in fact you can see it if you click the HTML button in the Rich Text Editor if it's available). This trick works in most word processing programs, too.

Hope that helps!
gl650dude replied on at Permalink Reply
Spent ages trying to solve a similar problem in Greek Yogurt!

Try this ..
Go to Themes from the Dashboard and look for the current theme
Select Customize theme
Select Add your CSS
Delete "1.8em" as the value for the line-height and insert 120%
Change this value to suit

ALso goto Typography.css in the themes folder and change the same thing and re-upload the file.
samlibs replied on at Permalink Reply
Click on the block and go to design then click on Fonts and in line height put 120%

That's what I did after not finding any answers on here.

It got rid of a default 2 line spacing

Don't know if that's the right way to do it as I am a complete newbie to C5