Site Doesn't Remember Me - Can't Reset Password

Hi Community - I'm in a jam. It's been awhile since I logged into my web site and the blog section is being slammed with spam comments. But that's not my problem. In order to fix that problem I went to log into my site, but the site doesn't remember my username/login. When I tried to 'reset my password' the site never sent my email for a password reset.

Has this ever happened to anyone before - and - any ideas as to how to get into my site??

Update: for what it's worth. The password reset went into my spam folder (took a VERY long time to send) and I went to the provided link and was given this error message:

An unexpected error occurred.
Invalid Key. Please visit the forgot password page again to have a new key generated.

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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
This doesn't help with your actual issue, but if you have access to the database for this site you can do the password reset link and then look at the Logs table for the link you need. Password Reset links are only valid for a short period of time and that is the message you will get if the reset link has expired or the full key wasn't passed in.