Site Stalls After Block Save

Hello - looking for some help on this one....

When I add a content block to the site I can edit as normal, it all works great until you hit save. it spins for a second and then freezes up. I have to manually refresh the page to see the update and get any other clickable options - the top menu grays out as well.

It is like it is not refreshing all the way. Any insight would be helpful! Thanks in advance.

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stewblack23 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi 5jdesign

1. What version of C5 are you using?
2. Are you using a custom theme?
3. Are there any errors in the console tab in chrome or firefox developer tools?
5jdesign replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi! I am using the latest version on 5.7

Custom theme, and I am not sure on the errors. Let me get back in that.

I am wondering if I am missing a closing tag somewhere.

Temp site is -

On Wed, Aug 16, 2017 at 6:07 PM concrete5 Community <
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stewblack23 replied on at Permalink Reply
Took a look at the site. Don't see any major issue when when I look at the console log. But you might want to take a look again when you are logged in to the dashboard. Look in your themes folder in the default.php page template file. Make sure your <?php Loader::element('header_required') ?> and <?php Loader::element('footer_required') ?> includes are in the correct areas.

Are you using a page_theme.php file to add any functionality to the site?
5jdesign replied on at Permalink Reply
Stew, thanks for your help - I am getting an error in the Javascript counsel - this is what I get while logged in, in edit mode and after I hit the save button on the content block.

jquery.min.js:4 Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: <div data-container="block">
        data-dragging-avatar="<p><img src="/oldinstall/concrete/blocks/content/icon.png" /><span>Content</span></p>"
        <ul class="ccm-edit-mode-inline-commands ccm-ui">
                            <li><a data-inline-command="move-block" href="#"><i class="fa fa-arrows"></i></a></li>
        <div class="ccm-ui">
stewblack23 replied on at Permalink Reply
Looks like you have an issue with your jquery.min.js file not loading or is the incorrect version. Only can be two reason for this.

1. Your theme is telling the jquery.min.js file not be loaded: Check in your theme for a page_theme.php file. Look for a reference to jquery.min.js file. Might looks something like this $this->requireAsset('javascript', 'jquery');. Comment it out, clear your site cache and then check the dashboard functionality.

2. The jquery.min.js that C5 needs does not exist or is some how corrupted. Lets try the first one before we go playing around in C5 core files.
5jdesign replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks so much for your help. I got it figured out - I was calling Jquery two times, once in the concrete install and once in my custom theme. Removed it from my custom theme and boom it worked.

Thank you again for your help!
stewblack23 replied on at Permalink Reply
Glad I could help.