Site too slow and often gets '500 - internal server error'


I have been trying to fix the problem last couple of months and
now on the verge of giving up Concrete5.

My problems are the website is running very slow and occasionally
having error message '500-Internal Server Error'


I didn't build this website but this is own by my relative. I was
asked to try fix them.

I read a lot from forum. I have tried disabling cache, and
clearing cache. No luck.

Then I tried clearing one of the table (PageStatistic) in database suspecting overloaded phpMyAdmin. No luck as well.

The Concrete5 version was, so I tried to update them. I
couldn't just simply click 'Download' and 'Update because it kept
showing 'Internal Server Error' as well. Sucks.

Then I learned how to update manually. I managed to update to but failed to proceed to 5.5.x because of 'An Unexpected
Error Occurred'! Aarrrhhh!

I read about Five easy ways to speed a concrete5 Site
( After disabling jQuery, no difference it makes and I don't know about the rest of the ways.

I have talked to Franz and she recommended a clean install to the latest Concrete5. Anyone has a step-by-step guide?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
If you already have a site, a clean installation won't help you unless you want to copy all the content to the new site step by step..

I strongly recommend to update to, it's a lot faster than 5.4.

You'll have to check your server's error log to get more than "An Unexpected Error Occurred". Post the details of the error and we're able to help you to get your site up and running on top of
manfred replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok, I need to try upgrade again in order to get you the error message. This time is different error.
First there is 500 - Internal Server Error
Then I hit back, 404 - File Missing
The website is still running but I couldn't log into Concrete Dashboard. Kept returning to website...
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
If the problem is a shared server account with limited resources, you can:

1. Make a files and database backup of the site.

2. Use that to make a clone of the site on a development system.

3. Make the updates to the clone on development system, where you have more control of timeouts and resources than a shared host may provide.

4. Delete old page versions and generally clean everything up.

5. Make a files and database backup of the now clean and updated clone.

6. Use that to copy the site back to the server.

While you are doing this, the live site is not at risk from any update failures.
manfred replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi John,

Sorry I couldn't try out your method because I messed up trying to upgrade again to 5.5 for Remo as above comment.

Initially I lost the Dashboard. Then I added '#' at site.php trying to revert back to I could see the Dashboard again but has some missing files when I clicked Upgrade.

Then I tried to run index.php/tools/required/upgrade and now back to, however I still missing the files to upgrade.
madesimplemedia replied on at Permalink Reply
What cache settings are you using?
manfred replied on at Permalink Reply

I have tried all cache settings, enable, disable, full and etc. All the same. Thanks.