sitemap permissions, users cannot see sitemap


trying to configure permissions for users with advanced permissions enabled.
I was able to grant them access to the dashboard and sitemap, from the sitemap pages (connected as admin) and from the "tasks permissions" menu (as described here

Users can see the dashboard and all the pages that I allowed, but when they click on sitemap, it's loading, searching for the sitemap and then nothing shows up, no sitemap displayed.

I read a lot of threads related to permissions but problems are most of the time related to the "tasks permissions" in systems and settings. I granted the users group "view" permissions for sitemap access, but without success.

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rge replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Check the homepage permissions. There you find "view pages in sitemap" add the group who needs access. By default pages beneath home inherit the same permissions.
johnpaul5 replied on at Permalink Reply
Excellent, it worked, thanks a lot. That's the only place where I did not add the user's permission...
michaelfm replied on at Permalink Reply
In case someone is also looking for it. I've found it now (version under 'Task Permissions'.