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I've been asked by a client to add SSL Certification to their C5 site. My question is:

How do I set C5 to use this.

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Mainio replied on at Permalink Reply
Setting up SSL certificate is more about your server setup. I would personally just make my web server redirect all HTTP-requests to HTTPS after the certificate has been installed.

You can also do that redirection by setting up this setting in your /config/site.php:
define('BASE_URL', '');

Otherwise, it's more about server setup, there isn't any auto-magic in c5 that would manage your server configuration.

If you're running behind a shared server, your hosting provider usually can help you with this. If it's a dedicated server or a virtual server, basically anyone can do it who has basic knowledge about server setups.

Antti / Mainio
anchoredbutterfly replied on at Permalink Reply
After you set it up on your server as explained, the "Force SSL" add-on can be helpful if you need just parts of your site to use the https:// protocol. It adds an attribute to your pages that you can then select to activate or not.