Stop styles from affecting edit mode

A lot of my styles from my stylesheets are affecting edit mode. It makes some of the blocks almost unreadable. Is there any way to stop edit mode from being affected by these styles without adding "edit-mode only" styles to fix them?

I appreciate the help!

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dcaryll replied on at Permalink Reply
I think I was able to fix it to be more readable. I'm using the Skeleton framework, so any styles that I saw interfering (mostly from the base.css) stylesheet, I prefixed with ".container".

That seemed to remove any interference.
PineCreativeLabs replied on at Permalink Reply
Adding .container class in front of offending classes will help. If you have a typography.css file, be sure to do this, as well.

Common classes that offend the Concrete interface are headings, forms, and links.

I happen to have a few themes based on the Skeleton framework in the marketplace, if that would interest you. Go to my profile, and take a look at "FlexCrete", "FlexCrete: Masonry", "Avant Garde", and a few others.
Gingebean replied on at Permalink Reply
I know it been a few months since this was posted but this just in case any one else lands on this post before finding the answer that suits them(like i did..) so here is anther way of fix css probs in edit mode in site head

<?php global $c; if ($c->isEditMode()) { ?> Do you stuff here <?php } ?>

so for css it wud be
<?php global $c; if ($c->isEditMode()) { ?> <style type="text/css"> .some-class-fix{z-index:0;}
<?php } ?>

concrete5 Rocks !!!!!!!!!! the way..... just saying ;-) needed to get it out there lol
abra100pro replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I just made a sample for the not so PHP-savvy people in here, It may be clearer for beginners, I hope.

I put this code into /themes/mythemename/elements/header.php:

<?php global $c; if ($c->isEditMode()) { 
echo ('<link rel="stylesheet" media="all" type="text/css" href="'.$this->getStyleSheet('cssmainedit.css').'" />');
else {
echo ('<link rel="stylesheet" media="all" type="text/css" href="'.$this->getStyleSheet('cssmain.css').'" />');
Spletnapot replied on at Permalink Reply

if i got ya right... you re doing php in css. If so... err...

anyway, yea things might colide in edit mode when css is not done proper.
My suggestion would be to do inside divs as relative, avoid static and absolute if not ment to be as footer and even than footer needs to be outside "central-main" div, or not, depends how you started your theme. Wrap your inside divs ....

Its immpossible to explain this and give examples as every template has its own builder-designer ......

Been there though and can only say for now that divs need to be started properly. Body is the first and it kinda all depends on that afterwards... Almost always! i knoe this is no real solution, or not what original poster was looking for.

Yea, this reply post is kinda there are no real solutions. :S
Gingebean replied on at Permalink Reply

"if i got ya right... you re doing php in css. If so... err..."
the php checks if in edit mode and (in my case)
spits out some css this bad ?
this of course to repeat my last comment is to be placed in the head tag of site.
it works great for me like this as I only hade a lil problem of z-indexing

however I posted this this a possible solution becasue
if a stylesheet is causing problems in edit mode
then the above php code can be modified so that the said stylesheet
is not to be included if in edit mode that means he doesnt have to create a new in "edit mode" stylesheet, rather just ignore the one that is causeing a problem when in edit mode.

again it was just a thought....