Storing Config Values

I've been trying to set Config values using Config::set() and I find this does not store the value in the database. Config::get() and Config::set() seem to be used only for single-session configurations, they have to be set each session otherwise they will not exist.

It seems like to store the config value in the database we have to use ConfigStore.

use Concrete\Core\Config\ConfigStore;
ConfigStore::set('SETTING', 'This setting stored in the DB table ConfigStore');

What I am not getting is there is both Config and ConfigStore in the DB. How do items get stored in Config table? And I've seen the method "save()" used with Config at times but not sure even what class it's defined in. The whole Config functionality is confusing in part because the Config class is a facade, and for me that might as well be a "mirage", I'm having trouble finding the right methods to use.

Anybody able to offer some clarity on Config methods and how to use them?

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