Table not displaying centred

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I am trying to add a text area of 90% width, coloured background and centred to a main content area.
I donl;t know much about using CSS so I've tried to do his inline using a sngle cell table with the settings above - it displays centred in the editor but not when saved - I guess something is overridding the positioning - I look at it using Firebug but can't see what the problem is.


I've tried adding a DIV to centre but makes no difference (I doublt I've added it correctly)

What can I do to get the table displaying centered?
Is there a better way to do what I'm after?


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tofraser replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Try adding this to the inline style for that table:

margin: 0 auto;

peverist replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Tim - that worked.