Taxonomy like Drupal.

I am a Drupal developer since 2007. Since the release of version 8 Drupal has become very heavy for shared hosting.
I am moving my 6 sites to Concrete5. Biggest plus of Drupal is SEO friendliness. I was able to tag contents to taxonomy terms which creates new pages with new URL and Title having list teaser content.

This feature make it possible to optimize content to many keywords easily.

How this is possible in C5.7 ? How to add Taxonomy terms?

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
The components of c5 you need are
- Page Lists (core block)
- Topics (core block)

If you look at c5 v8 beta there are also express data objects (unfortunately not documented)

With 6 sites to convert, a (slightly risky) development route open to you would be to develop against v8 beta with the expectation that bugs will be ironed out and v8 will be released by the time you are ready to go live.
aladincomadin replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the reply.
I will try out the option you mentioned.
I think a stable version of C5 8 already available