Temporary or hidden URL for downloading files?

Hey there,

so first of all: I'm not an expert and here for some help. :-)
For my company, I want to add the possibility to download evaulation-versions of our software products to our webpage.
To get there, the visitor has to fill a licence agreement first (legacy form) and then will be redirected to another page where he can download the specific file. And here's the problem: We really need the licence agreement before download, but when the visitor filled it once and got to the download page, he can copy the URL and spread it and everyone who gets this URL can download the file without filling the licence agreement - Worst case, of course.
So is there a possibility to create temporary or hidden URLs for the download page or file? Any ideas?
I'm really looking forward to your answers!

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply

You might want to check the e-commerce plugin Community Store. Among other things it lets you sell digital products and provides links, sent by email, that are only valid 48 hours. You can set that time to more or less if you want.

You can find it here:https://github.com/concrete5-community-store/community_store...